Kaleidoscope of works

   I want to show to the visitor a kaleidoscope of artistic, creative and decorative works.
   Here are presented the works arranged by their domestic purpose. It is quite difficult to classify them by style,material or technique of making and is not necessary. In my kaleidoscope I want to show not specific works but my attitude to work, the result of cooperation with customer. Total repeating of any product is boring for me and unpleasant for previous client. I have never used in work a draft prepared earlier for another client. Most often customer selects something as a starting point and then I work further. But it is more pleasant for me to start from the blank sheet, and viewing my previous works to use only for formation of own idea and assurance in my possibilities.
   It is of great interest for me to work in different styles, using different materials and techniques of manufacturing. Owing to the fact that I have not big, but own workshop, I can make the works which are difficult and very different by techniques. So I try to encourage the customer to combine forging, casting, enamelling, stained glass, etching, engraving, carving wood or stone, blasting ornamentation, decorating surfaces with chemical patinating and lacquer coating. Of course, such approach doesn’t reduce the cost of a product. But my task is that customer obtains quality and, as it is fashionably to say nowadays, positively charged things. And I want that after long time my product turned not into scrap, but antiques.

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